The Whistling Swan

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

On the main road through Fish Creek, WI is The Whistling Swan restaurant, a haven of culinary delight. This place was recommended by a friend, and I would recommend it to everyone else who goes to Door County. If it’s not your first stop, at least make it a part of your plan. The dining room is the reclaimed porch of the Whistling Swan Inn, brought into the modern age with pristine black and cream paint. Tall windows line the entire room, giving an airy, refreshing atmosphere.

Steamed Mussels and Clams
This is a classic sauté in white wine, shallots and garlic, really the only way to eat mussels. Fantastic!

Grilled Hawaiian Marlin
Served with a salad of black lentils, tat soi, and asparagus, topped with miso almond milk sauce and pickled ginger. The marlin is just lightly seared, leaving it raw in the middle.  If you love seared sashimi tuna, like I do, you’ll love this dish.  The combination of unique flavors makes it irresistible.

Housemade Pork Shoulder Ravioli
This dish is so cool in so many ways. First off, it’s made with goose-egg dough.  Secondly, the sauce is a reduction from the pork shoulder. Along with the sauce and delicious ravioli is spinach, shitake mushrooms, hazelnuts, and horseradish.  This is a rich, amazing dish that must be tried.

4192 Main Street • Fish Creek, WI • 54212



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