Café du Monde- Vieux Carré

August 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

The original location, on the banks of the river, across Deçateur from Jackson Square, is your first stop when visiting the Quarter. If there’s a line, go around to the back side, there’s a break in the fence to get in. It’s a dog-eat-dog seat yourself, so be assertive and grab the first open table, clean or used. I try to sit near the middle, in case it rains. One of the waitstaff will come to your table, clean it off and take your order. When your food arrives, be ready with cash. They wait for no one. This place runs like a well oiled machine. It is the thing of beauty, history and deliciousness. One custom is to wear black to show the powdered sugar, not required or expected. It is a blessed oasis from the stimulation overload of the Quarter.

Order café au lait and beignet. Beignets come three to a plate, loaded with powered sugar. 2 plates are enough to share among three people. The au lait is amazing, perfect and something I dream about. A straight up order comes with the small. $5 and change.

Cash only.



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